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Best Building Materials Supplier in Tumkur

Looking for solid building materials at a good price? Searching for a trustworthy supplier who only deals with quality and long-lasting materials? If so, Sr Bricks is the leading supplier in Tumkur. We have been supplying our customers with only the best construction materials for years. If you would like to find out more about us and our services, give us a call on 8971462668 and we will be happy to respond to your questions.

Our support staff & facilities

Our friendly customer service begins as soon as you make enquiries about the materials you need to purchase. We have a support team that is made up of highly professional individuals. They are ready to walk you through our processes and help you select the materials that are best suited for your project. We also offer a fair and transparent pricing plan so that all our customers can get a good deal for every material they purchase from us. Check us out today and enjoy our services and materials.

Why buy from us?

Whether you are in the trade or keen on DIY we have what you need for your building projects, from foundation to finish. Whether it's a complete build, a few minor repairs or a period renovation, we have you covered. Our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden charges. With us, you will always get value for money. Why not come and browse through our extensive range of building materials and sundries? Shop with us today and enjoy what other customers have enjoyed for years.

Lab Report (ISIRI)

Our offered products is randomly tested with every 2lakhs bricks per batch in order to maintain a sustain quality and an outdtanding blocks supplied to the customer.

Lab reports includes.

1. Crushing strength - 9.8kg/sqmm

2. Water absorption - 14%

3. Effloroscence potential - nil

4. Failure load - 230KN

5. As mason is the third person to touch the bricks size errection , broken shape and other hand damages are prevented.


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